Black Country Digital Agora

Funded via Creative Black Country the Black Country Digital Agora project aims to work with arts organisations and artists to establish if new and emerging digital technologies could impact upon their ‘traditional’ way of imagining and creating art forms (of any type).

In effect the project is a set of micro R&D projects in which each participating artist:

1. Expresses an interest in or is made aware of a particular digital technology
2. Conducts some initial research into that technology and what others are currently doing with it (we help the artist in their research endeavours)
3. Is given access to the technology to carry out some small scale action research to appraise the technology and its applicability to their art
4. Writes up a case study outlining their views on the technology and whether they can see it impact on their artistic approach (or not)

The project will also feature guest artist speakers who will talk about their experiences of adopting digital technologies to build on their artistic capability.

Artist profiles