Urban Hax has invested in a wide range of equipment, machinery and facilities to ensure that all of our users can design, develop and produce new products and services. Check out the range of equipment below.


We have a number of fashion and textile designers who regularly use our facilities and therefore need access to professional grade equipment to aid them with their designs, pattern making and garment assembly. We have invested in industrial sewing machines, overlockers, tufting machines and pattern cutting tables and have plans to invest further in screen printing facilities.


If electronics is your thing then we’ve got you covered. From the latest open source microcontrollers like Arduino and Raspberry Pi to a full range of electronic components and circuit board making tools. We’ve also got a range of test equipment such as oscilloscopes, multi-meters and other diagnostic tools for prototyping and fault finding. We also hold a library of books and magazines to help you develop your own skills and build your electronics solutions.


We have a fully equipped workshop to provide you with the tools and machinery to bring your designs to life. As well as handtools we’ve invested in a range of machines such as a pillar drill, bandsaws, planer/thicknesser, chopsaw, table saws, oscillating sander, disc sander and a wood lathe. Our investment is ongoing and we listen to our users when it comes to equipment choice.


We’ve been using 3D printers for over 10 years and in that time we’ve used them for a wide variety of work including the printing of design prototypes, artist installations, miniature figurines of models of people we have scanned and interpretations of artwork to enhance the user experience for people with visual impairments. Our bank of printers are available to our creative residents, our members and for bureau work.


Our most recent purchase, this 600x400mm laser cutter has already become the most popular tool in our makerspace. It’s a tremendously versatile and accurate machine which can both cut and etch a wide range of materials including wood, perspex, acrylic, leather and some fabrics. Our members love it and we’re also building up our bureau business for prototyping and for limited volume batch runs.


We’re not just all about buying the latest hi-tech equipment for our workshop. We were donated the bits of a 50-year old wood lathe and machining centre and an engineering supporter of ours has rebuilt it! There’s still some cosmetic work to do but it’s ideal for our members, once trained, to turn spindles, bowls, pens and jewellery. Sometimes the oldies are the goodies!


We’re keen to offer our members the range of facilities to convert the physical world into the digital world (and then back into the physical world. A key part of this process is the ability to 3D scan objects and we have invested in a number of scanning devices including the amazing NextEngine which scans to a resolution of 100 microns. Our 3D scanner range can capture details from the finest jewellery up to the size of a room.


No makerspace workshop is complete without an engineer’s lathe. For those times when you need a one-off component, attend to a repair or you are building a prototype, this versatile machine comes with electronically variable spindle speed range of 125rpm to 2,000rpm and a 1kW high torque, brushless motor gives near silent running.


Here at Urban Hax we need large format prints for a wide variety of purposes. Our new Canon printer can produce top quality posters, maps, high-resolution photographs, colour prints, engineering drawings and architect plans. It’s proving to be a very popualar addition to our facilities with our residents and members.


Our latest acquisition is the amazing iTECH K6090Z Q Series CNC Router. With a 900x600mm bed and a clearance height of 250mm this opens up a new range of possibilities for our residents, members and bureau operation. And it comes with Vectric VCarve Pro software so making the design exercise straightforward. Watch this space as we get our heads around the possibilities!