Interested in accessing some great equipment?
Want to become part of a creative community?
Express your creativity

Facilities for many creative interests

We’ve acquired a wide range of tools, equipment and materials to make sure there are no barriers to you taking a creative idea and turning it into reality.

Cost really isn't a barrier


From £40 per month or as little as a tenner a day you get access to equipment costing thousands of pounds. And we show you how to use it (in fact you can’t until we show you how!).

Everyone welcome


The great thing about our makerspace is that it is used by a wide cross-section of people. Older people are passing on their skills to younger people and yound people are helping the yound ones with their digital skills. A win-win really!

Production from your Imagination

I Never Thought I Could Do That!

Our makerspace stimulates new ideas. When creatives meet and mingle, the ideas fly – people are naturally curious and inquisitive. So new ideas emerge, new techniques are learned…and new creations come into being.