Creative Learning for All Ages
Skills and Learning
Learn New Sikills and Make New Friends
Learning that is fun and engaging

Courses for all ages

We’ve been delivering a range of creative courses to individuals and groups from across the community. From fashion design and photography to understanding 3D manufacturing to exploiting electronic and control systems.

Local access to great courses

At a venue to suit you

Whether its at the Urban Hax makerspace or at a venue local to you we offer a range of delivery options. From community centres to schools to town centre locations we can bring our learning solutions to you.

We don't do qualifications...just fun learning

Learn with others and make new friends

We’ve taught people from 9 to 90! Age is never a barrier when it comes to learning and we tailor our courses so that the content is meaningful and stretching to the groups we work with.

Unleash your creativity through hands-on learning

Creativity knows no barriers

Our mantra is learning by doing! All of our courses are highly practical and, because we have a wide range of creative equipment at our disposal, you get to try out and master the latest technologies.